Collection of Delinquent Accounts - Personal and Commercial Debt Claims

Qualified Lawyers in Quebec

When you have difficulty collecting amounts that are owed to you, you have the choice of sending your letter of demand through a collection agency or a lawyer specializing in debt collection.

However, before making this decision, it is important to consider one important factor: efficacy.

By letting BF Perception take care of your debt collection, you are guaranteed that we will take all necessary legal actions to recover your money. Collection agencies can only send letters and make phone calls, they do not benefit from the same credibility or enforcement power that professional legal experts have.

The first step is to send a letter of demand, which allows your debtor to realize how serious your intentions are. Although you can send a letter of demand yourself on behalf of your company, a letter of demand signed by a lawyer will generally lead to better results and will get a bigger reaction out of your debtor. It may even lead him or her to contact you, or the signatory of the letter of demand, to prevent the situation from escalating.

After sending the letter of demand, you have many options depending on your needs and on the debtor’s reaction. Negotiating a deal with your debtor is often a better way of avoiding the delays inherent in the legal process and closing the case. However, if the debtor refuses to respond to the letter of demand or refuses to negotiate, it is sometimes necessary to take legal action and bring the case before a competent court of law.

Do not hesitate to call upon our team of specialized debt collection professionals. They can help and guide you towards collecting your problematic debt claims and thus transform a source of bother into a source of assets.