Collection of Delinquent Accounts - Personal and Commercial Debt Claims

Qualified Lawyers in Quebec

In order to proceed to the collection your contentious accounts, we can file an originating motion to collect your delinquent accounts. This is particularly the case when discussions between you and your debtor are not possible. A BF Perception lawyer will proceed with filing the motion for debt collection. This is the last resort, when the debtor disputes the debt or simply does not respond to your letter of demand. With your consent, BF Perception will then initiate the legal process with the appropriate body, based on the debt amount.

The originating motion is the legal document required for opening a file in court. This motion then needs to be served, according to specific rules, to the person or company in debt.

In the majority of cases, a company must have legal representation when initiating legal proceedings concerning the collection of accounts.

Many rules and procedures must be complied with in order to give credence to your claim. It is important to respect the deadlines required by law to avoid a rejection of your claim by the court, even in small claims courts. The motion must list all relevant facts to be eligible for your claim.

Unlike the letter of demand, a bailiff must serve the originating motion, unless expressly authorized by the court. Sending the motion through registered mail is therefore not the right way to proceed.

From there, many court appearances are required before the tribunal even hears the merits of your case. However, the lawyer can appear at many of these sessions without the client.

For all your legal action needs, call upon our efficient team of lawyers to follow up on your case, to file all the motions required for the hearing of your case and to recover your delinquent accounts.